Dance Timetable - Dance Amor Group Classes

Dance Amor Timetable - Dance Amor Group Classes

Dance classes 6 days a week

Classes are skilled based. 

Salsa Monday - 
  1. 6:15 PM | Sassy Salsa 1 :
  • Body Movements to gain control of your muscles at will.
  • Footwork that gets you moving in every direction
  • Styling to have you looking like a natural dancer
  1. 7:00 PM | Sassy Salsa 2 
  • Body rolls, head rolls, latin hips, Shimmys, Pumps
  • Dexterity, mobility, direction change for fancier footwork
  • Poise, eleganse, sexyness to have you feeling good about yourself and for your peers to pick up their jaws of the floor.

    Bachata Tuesday

    1. 6:15 PM | Modern Bachata 1
    • Body Movements to direct your muscles willfully
    • Move your feet in every direction with grace and poise
    • Acquire styling that characterises a talented dancer
    1. 7:00 PM | Modern Bachata 2
    • Make your body as fluid as chocolate fondu
    • Skill, versatility, bearing change for fancier footwork
    • Balance, style, hotness you will start seeing in the mirror and for your friends will be picking their jaws of the floor.

    Bachata Thursday

    1. 6:15 PM | Sensual Bachata 1
    1. 7:00 PM | Sensual Bachata 2