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Group Dance Classes Membership Adelaide

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Group dance classes are the perfect choice for those looking to meet new people, groove to the music and just have plenty of fun. Our group classes can range from a very small group of 5 to 6 people to a large one of 40! It all depends on preference and availability – some people prefer certain dance styles over others, and some can do only specific group classes depending on the free time they have. You’ll find that our Salsa group classes on Saturday afternoons are the most packed and a lot of fun too! This is because people find the most time on weekends and no one wants to miss out on an hour of fun-filled, easy-to-learn dance patterns.


If you are the kind looking for a busy, lively environment to begin your dance journey in, these group classes are perfect for you. And what’s more, we teach up to 12 dance styles in our group classes every week! All you have to do is choose the one that excites you and jump into any one, for as less as 20$ per class. Even better, you can get all 12 classes FREE, with the purchase of just one private lesson in a week, along with all our dance parties for free too! Train personally with your instructor once a week, attend as many as 12 group classes and rock it at our social dance parties. Sounds pretty sweet 🙂.