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Group Dance Lessons & Classes

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Group dance classes for adults near me are the perfect choice for those looking to meet new people, groove to the music and just have plenty of fun. Our group dance classes can range from a very small group of 5 to 6 people to a large one of 40! It all depends on preference and availability – some people prefer certain hip hop dance styles over others, and some can do only specific group classes depending on the free time they have. You’ll find that our Salsa lessons, group dance classes for beginners on Saturday afternoons are the most packed and a lot of fun too! This is because people find the most time on weekends and no one wants to miss out on an hour of fun-filled, easy to learn dance patterns.

Pretty sweet deal

If you are the kind looking for a busy, lively environment to begin your dance classes journey in, these group classes are perfect for you. And what’s more, we teach up to 12 dance styles in our group classes every week! All you have to do is choose the one that excites you and jump into any one, for as less as 18$ per class. Even better, you can get all 12 classes FREE, with the purchase of just one private dance lesson for wedding in a week, along with all our dance party Adelaide for free too! Train personally with your dance instructor once a week, attend as many as 12 group classes and rock it at our social dance parties. Sounds pretty sweet 🙂

Good to know

All our members at Dance Amor believe in producing optimum results with each individual, no matter what level of dance learner you are – Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced in Dance Adelaide. Our best dance classes have one dance instructor per class, irrespective of how many people there are in one class. You may have taken adult dance lessons or ballet classes for kids in the past, wherein there is one male and one female instructor per group class, to ensure that students learn their lead and follow parts from their respective dance choreographer Adelaide.

We are different

At our dance studio, however, we prefer dance program for kids on holiday and also find more beneficial to have only one, as this showcases an individual’s ability to master both lead and follow patterns irrespective of gender and prompts our students to grasp this, and be prepared for (dance class for girls or boys also men and women) any situation in which they may have to be either one, lead or follow. It would be impossible for two women to dance together if neither knew anything about leading, don’t you think?

Keep up the good work

We know what you’re thinking; how will I keep up with the class and  learn to dance for wedding if everyone already knows all the basic dance steps for wedding? Don’t you worry! Dance Amor has new members join in every week, or even mid-week. You will never miss out on any dance form or know less than another student. Our dance classes, couple dance classes are structured in a manner that there is a new pattern, a new body movement, a new style, to learn every class. By the way, here you can buy best cheap ballroom dance shoes Australia for women and men or girls.

Everyone improves

Let’s say your class has someone who’s been dancing Bachata for 3 months and it’s just your first dance day. How to dance bachata step by step by yourself ? Don’t get overwhelmed, both of you are starting at the same place for that class, and both of you will learn dance style the same thing at the same pace. Upon seeing the pace of learners in a class and assessing each performance, the dance instructor near me is free to cater to different needs by strengthening the basics of a pattern dance for beginners and making advanced dancers more proficient in the same pattern. It’ll be motivational too 🙂.