Dance Membership

Dance Membership

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What dance should I learn to dance? Every dance style is very close to one another. We suggest do a bit of everything at the beginning. So when you go to out you won't be stuck sitting down 2 to 4 songs in a row because you don't know at least the basics of another partner dance style

How to dance? Latin, Salsa, Bachata, Rock n Roll, Ballrooom. 

Easy social dance steps? We make everything very easy to learn. You will be having fun learning and your peers will think you a dance prodegy with our dancing method. 

Wedding dance teacher near me?

Our students came to us with many more dance questions like this. Don't worry, We will bring your all answers together and serve you easy dance steps to advance dance patterns gradually. Our members are gems at their dance performances. We are a well-reputed and popular dance company in Australia.

We can also help you with dance costumes, dancewear for competition, ballroom dance shoes in our dance costumes company.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • You are able to cancel and reschedule classes without incurring charge of the class/lesson provided that you give minimum 4 hours notice.
  • Cancellation of membership after the contract period is free.
  • Cancellation of membership before the contract period will be charged full amount.
  • Membership can be paused at anytime with no charge at a limit of 2 weeks.