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Salsa is a spicy, steamy and hot dance with fiery passion between two people

What comes to your mind when you first hear the word Salsa? Sauce? Tortilla with a spicy Salsa dip? (Don’t worry, we’re all big foodies!)

Well you might actually be in for a surprise, because that’s where the name for Salsa dancing originated from. Just like the sauce, Salsa is a spicy, steamy and hot dance with fiery passion between two people. If you’re looking to bring about those sensual, sexy moves with your partner, Salsa is the way to go. It has Caribbean roots, steamy movements and numerous easy-to-learn patterns. Salsa is not only one of the most popular Latin dance styles worldwide but undoubtedly at our studio as well.

Salsa dancing has constantly been evolving in the modern generation. Since Salsa music is catchy and popular, it is becoming open to improvisation and developing in different countries globally. A few popular sub-styles that have become popular under Salsa nowadays include – Cali style (from Colombia), L.A and New York styles (from USA), Cuban style (from Cuba) and Miami style (Florida) to name a few.

At our studio, we are open to altering and improvising our classes as much as possible. We add in body movements that have not been explored previously. At the same time we maintain the original Latin feel of the dance and staying true to its authenticity.


Types of Salsa Dance Classes offered

Group salsa dance lessons on weekends

  • This is by far the most attended and popular class we conduct throughout the week. At 12:45 pm every Saturday, we have our FREE salsa group class, that lasts roughly 45-50 minutes. (You can try out your first 5 salsa group classes for free to let you get the hang of it J) To give you an idea of the many benefits of attending this class:
  • Big crowd:

    There’s heaps of chatter, laughing and rejoicing on Saturdays, as it’s always a full house for Salsa! Our Salsa dance lessons are great if you want to meet people, make new friends, socialize, or just have a drink, drop by for 45 minutes of fun filled dancing!

  • All levels welcome:

    “What if I’m not able to keep up with the pace of the class and not be good enough”? Guess what, that’s not going to happen! We have all types of students from first timers and beginners to intermediate and advanced. Our instructors structure Salsa dance lessons in such a manner that it is still easy to follow, but more experienced dancers still get to play around with innovative moves and throw in some creativity.

  • Solo all the way!

    “I live by myself and don’t have a partner. Don’t think I’ll be allowed for this class as I believe Salsa is purely a partner dance”. YES and NO. You are right, it is a two person dance that requires a partner. But there is no way that someone without a partner can be stopped from experiencing the true spirit of dancing! Just stop thinking and come for salsa dance lessons, you will have plenty of partners to choose from and dance with all of them during one lesson.

  • New content:

    There’s always an interesting variety of step patterns and body movements that are introduced in salsa dance lessons to keep up the enthusiasm of the students, and even those who come in every week are never going to get bored.

[*Apart from simply learning patterns and movements robotically, we blend in Caliente (click here to read more) with all our classes, to lift up the mood, make your dance more stylish and look different from every other regular dancer that does Salsa.]

salsa dance lessons

Private Salsa lessons

“I am extremely introverted and prefer to work on my dancing abilities individually as opposed to doing so along with a big public.” No worries, private lessons are always available. The benefits? Here you go:

  • Personalisation:

    A chance to get one-one-one training with a professional salsa instructor. Our instructors are highly experiences and passionate about learning and teaching Latin dancing. So don’t you worry you’ll be placed in safe hands!

  • Speed:

    If you find the group classes too fast or too slow for you, private salsa dance lessons can be adjusted exactly according to your pace of learning and suit your nature.

  • Interaction:

    If you are the type who’s looking to build relationships while also learning how to dance Salsa, this will help you immensely. You can get to know your trainer better. Just have a chat and have a friendly & recognisable face to look forward to every time you step into the studio. We understand it can be intimidating to walk into a room full of unknown faces and be conscious of fitting in with the crowd. Which is why this will help you ease into it a lot faster and gradually become mentally prepared to go out and smash it while social dancing!

  • Musicality:

    Salsa has always been known to have a rather fast and upbeat rhythm in comparison to other Latin dance forms. When you’re a complete beginner in dancing, you may pick up the patterns quickly. However it might be hard to match it to the beats in the music and do the right thing at the right time. While training privately, we will go over the basics of musicality and beats to start off with. You can then pick up the ability to hear the salsa rhythm in practically any song that is not purely Salsa, and maintain the right timing!

  • Body movements:

    You might have noticed that Salsa dancers look really smooth, fancy and professional. Even when they’re dancing to very basic forward-back-forward patterns. Ever wondered why? It’s because they train their bodies to be extremely flexible and move any part – whether its arms, hips or shoulders – in a manner that adds a charming flair to the dance. We do show these movements in the group classes. However they are usually generic ones that every level of learner can pick up. Privately, we will teach you detailed and better looking movements for every part of your body. You can flaunt them to the crowd when you perform and stand out from the rest. Those body rolls and jiggling butts can now be a piece of cake for you 😉

salsa dance lessons

Social dance parties and Salsa night outs 

“Although I have picked up the salsa basics and feel more confident with my dancing now, I am very nervous of going out and dancing with partners who are strangers.”

Twice a month, we have social parties in our studio and go out dancing to different venues in the city. We can meet you at the studio so you don’t feel alone and head to the venue This is your best opportunity to get familiarized with social dancing and adapt to any situation, any partner and any song that is played out loud! You can now put in those funky moves you learnt into practice and fuel up your dance. The more you do it, the more experience you’ll gain which will help you become a more all-rounded salsa dancer a lot quicker than you initially imagined!

[*One of the popular bars frequently visited by us is Casablabla on Leigh street – they have Salsa nights on Wednesdays, 9 pm onwards!]

To keep it short and sweet- SALSA IS SPICY AND SO ARE YOU! Book in your first salsa dance lesson at Dance Amor without further ado, because:

  • NO experience required to start dancing!
  • Chance to socialize and meet people
  • Learn fun steps that are basic and can be used anywhere
  • It’s not just Salsa anymore, we have introduced CALIENTE!
  • Keep ACTIVE and FIT
  • Not sure how to jumpstart your sleepy Saturday? Come join us!
  • Always NEW partners to dance with
  • Easy-to-learn