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At Dance Amor our dance tuition comes in different shapes and forms. First of all we teach you the fundamentals of what makes it a great dance. It’s your skills on the dance floor that would make every dance unforgettable therefore leaving you and your dance partner feeling wonderful.

You will learn dance step patterns and dance technique so you can move on the dance floor with confidence and elegance. From that, another thing we do is we introduce you to body movements that would enhance your dance and bring lots of flair and energy into your steps. As a result, you will be able to express yourself on the dance floor and make the dance look easy. Lead and follow skills are essential for partner dancing since dance is a silent language of the body. Therefore those skills will allow you and your dance partner “have a conversation” on the dance floor.

So whatever you want to do – come and try it for yourself. We are here to help you find or create your own personal style so you can be an awesome dancer as much as a better version of yourself. Finally come and try our No-Obligation Free Private Lesson Today!

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Here at Dance Amor we teach variety of dance styles in different ways due to different learning abilities, your busy schedule and your life style. Because social partner dancing is for everyone from a very beginner to a “seasoned” dancer. Hence there are lots of options for you to choose from to accommodate your wants and needs.

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