Ballroom Dance Lessons


Ballroom dance lessons: When it comes to partner dancing in a social setting, ballroom is always the first thing that comes to mind. Ballroom dance has seen a resurgence in recent years. Now it happens to be one of the most popularized dance styles worldwide. Even with the modern generation witnessing the growth of numerous different dance forms, cultures and styles, the status of ballroom dancing has not been affected. In fact it only gained consistency as the promoter of diversity, grace and an active social element.

A common misconception about ballroom dancing is often that it is restricted to dancing indoors or within a ‘room’. The origin of the term might have some significance to this belief. However over the years the definition has become a lot wider, blurred and all-encompassing. The highly recreational and enjoyable nature of the different dance styles in ballroom make it a top choice for dancing both socially and competitively around the world.

When you take ballroom dance lessons with us, you can choose the nature of your learning according to what you wish your ultimate goal to be.

Private Ballroom Lessons

If you’re well versed with the different forms of ballroom dancing and have a specific style in mind, you can book in private ballroom dance classes with our instructors. You will achieve the desired one-on-one coaching that you’re looking for. As ballroom is more about giving off a smooth and polished look, we will pay attention to the more minute details of learning ballroom. Opposed to trying to cover more step patterns in a short amount of time. If you think you’re the kind of person who likes fine tuning and perfecting the little intricacies, you should consider private ballroom dance lessons.

ballroom private lessons

Ballroom Group Classes

We are well known for the range of group classes we offer – up to 12! This means 12 distinct dance styles. It includes both Latin and Ballroom dance classes.

Trust us, come in for ballroom group classes. These classes often consist of 10-15 people on average on weekdays, and up to 25 on weekends and are a great opportunity for you to start your dancing. Watch others and learn from them, have a more light-hearted dance session instead of stressing out too much or being nervous, and just have a relaxed time.


ballroom group classes


For those of you who are truly passionate, dedicated and focused about dancing, and want to see your hard work pay off in the future. You can prepare for social performances. To mark the beginning of each new year, we host a massive Ball event in January. It’s attended by members, friends and family with heaps of food, music, drinking and of course BURNING THE DANCE FLOOR! Our students showcase a variety of dance performances with a partner of their choice (usually an instructor from the studio). If you are particularly interested in performing ballroom, you can pick a certain song and style. Your instructor will start choreographing the routine well in advance. This will not only make you more committed and confident, but also act as an extra boost of motivation to get you up and running more often! 🙂

At this point, some of you might have a rough idea of what we’re talking about in terms of ballroom. However you might still be a little unclear as to what exactly distinguishes it from others dancing styles like Latin, Folk or Jazz. Well one thing’s for sure – ballroom is pretty unique!


These are a few defining characteristics:

Elegance & Grace

Leading and following between two people is always smoothly flowing without any abrupt or jerky body movements. The dancing is done in an upright position, allowing the bodies to sway and look polished.


The partners move as a combined unit, as opposed to being fluid with their bodies and moving independently of each other. They dance in a close dance position and move together across the room in a counter-clockwise direction.

Royal Look

Since old times Ballroom dancing is thought of as being the dance of the upper class elites in society. That’s because of its rather sharp and classy look. Although that’s not so true, it is true that the dances have a very royal feel to them especially because of a distinct rise-and-fall action (Waltz), stiff body frameworks (i.e. arm, waist and shoulder movements) and defined rotations.


The rhythm of dancing is uniform as the steps taken match each beat of the music. There’s a consistent count pattern.

Posture & Poise

In dancing, the posture of dancers gives off the first impression and communicates the connection between them out to the audience. Ballroom dancing exhibits an erect and tidy posture while dancing with sharp arm placements, symmetrical patterns and unified moving with partners.

Why take up Ballroom dance lessons with Dance Amor?

  • Step by step instructions for both ladies and gentlemen
  • Every individual is always taught both how to lead and follow
  • Great way to improve body posture in a short span of time
  • We teach variations and sub styles of broader Ballroom dances.

[*For instance not only Waltz but Viennese Waltz; not only Tango but Argentine Tango! (Can be arranged on special request)]

  • Muscle toning by teaching you how to push back and equalize your partner’s body strength
  • Get to meet people from different walks of life with dance binding you together. In ballroom dancing, you get a chance to really bond well with your partner and build relations with new people!

Always remember – all good dancers started off as beginners and reached where they are today! That’s why all our ballroom dance styles are designed for people who are just beginning to dance and have two left feet 😉 What’s stopping you?

Ballroom Dance Styles offered:

Foxtrot – Can be either elegant and soft or really fast paced. Progressive, flowy dance that travels across the dance floor. Light movements, lots of turning and a long, smooth consistency.

ballroom dance foxtrot

Waltz – a pioneer of ballroom dancing, Waltz has a distinct rise and fall characteristic. It follows a gentle 3 beat rhythm and is all about showcasing effortless partnership.

ballroom dance waltz

Tango – The fieriest and passion-fuelled of the Ballroom dances. Tango showcases mutual aggression between partners and follows a sharp, staccato action.

ballroom dance tango

Viennese Waltz – Unlike regular Waltz, the Viennese follows a 6 count rhythm instead of 3 and is usually regarded the fastest dance in ballroom. Maintains continuity while displaying natural and quicker turns, with a mutual swaying feel.

ballroom dance viennese
ballroom dance shoes