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Welcome to Dance Amor Travels

Where the enchantment of dance meets the allure of travel. In 2023, our dance family embarked on an incredible adventure to Club Med Phuket, Thailand, with our esteemed dance director leading inspiring workshops for guests.

Why Choose Dance Amor?

Unparalleled Dance Experiences: Immerse yourself in the world of dance at exotic locations like Club Med Phuket and beyond. Revel in the joy of dance, creating indelible memories.

Learn to Dance: Elevate your travel experience by discovering the art of dance. Our workshops cater to all levels, from beginners to seasoned dancers. Unleash your inner dancer and forge connections that transcend the dance floor.

Upcoming Destinations

  • Cancun, Mexico (2024): Join us for a spectacular journey to Cancun! Experience performances, workshops, and an immersive dance adventure. The Reunion Kizomba Experience awaits, blending rhythm with the beauty of Cancun.
  • Sydney International Bachata Festival (April 2024): Pack your dancing shoes for the Sydney International Bachata Festival! Witness our new Bachata choreography, participate in workshops, and dance day and night with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Thailand Club Med (Later in 2024): Stay tuned for exciting announcements as we plan a return to the breathtaking Club Med in Thailand. Prepare for another round of dance, culture, and adventure.

Join the Dance Amor Community

Connect with Like-Minded Dance Enthusiasts: Our dance trips foster a sense of community. Meet fellow travelers who share a passion for dance, creating bonds beyond the dance floor.

Dance Anywhere, Anytime: Elevate your travel experience by learning dance styles suitable for various settings, from holiday resorts to cruise ships. Dance connects people, making every journey an opportunity for cultural exchange and fun.

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