Best Wedding Dance Classes & Lessons Adelaide


Why you should take wedding dance lesson 

Your wedding day can often become the most important and memorable day of your lives. A lot of us grow up dreaming who we’ll marry one day and how perfect everything should look. Venue, guest lists, outfits, food – there’s just so much that goes in to planning a wedding.

Even with so much going on, however, couples dance classes long to share a few special moments with their loved ones. They want to be on the dance floor and perform a best wedding dance so charming, that guests couldn’t get their eyes off them. After all, who doesn’t want to feel confident on the wedding dance floor. Also rock a bit of elegance and create beautiful memories forever.

We’ll make your wedding first dance the most memorable one of your lives. With a bit of partner chemistry and some of our magic, you’ll be ready to be absolute stunners in front of your audience!


At our dance studio, the choices and needs of our members are never compromised upon

I am shy, conscious and a tiny bit under-confident”.

You can opt to be trained entirely through private Latin dance lessons for Wedding without no one around but your dance instructor. This may incur an extra cost of course, as we will have to put other group classes and training sessions on hold, but it isn’t impossible

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OK, you are one of those extreme introverts who get nervous even by the thought of a big crowd. You should give plenty of time to get out of your comfort zone and pick up dancing. Schedule your Latin dance lessons way in advance of the wedding day!


I am a complete beginner and have had zero dancing experience before”.

We tailor our pre wedding dance lessons according to the level of difficulty you are comfortable with. There is no fixed routine or style that we teach every couple; it depends on your abilities.


I only have a couple of months left before our big day and work commitments don’t let us prepare”.

We are flexible with our training and can help you prepare a wedding dance lessons near me, routine that will fit in with your busy schedules.


I am scared about tripping over my dress and falling face flat on the ground! I don’t want to be an embarrassment for my partner”.

Don’t you worry, we know how to make you look and feel your best. We will focus on building your confidence before anything else. It’s understandable it can be terrifying to do something new in front of so many people. We don’t want you to start your life as newly-weds with a panic attack! 🙂


I have a couple of music picks listed out and I want to pick my favorite for our wedding ballroom dance. I want to choose the style of dance that suits both of us. But I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do so.”

SSS – Sound, Style, Speed – you choose your music and the song you want to perform to. The best Dance instructor will pick your movements and easy dance steps that suit your personality, dance style and dance music. We also offer Salsa dance classes for adults near me and beginner salsa lessons for your wedding. Lastly you can set the pace & speed of your learning by doing extra hours or coming in on multiple days a week.


If you and your partner each have clashing interests in dance music and can’t come to a common ground, we can accommodate both songs. Two completely contrasting songs can be edited and put together and be choreographed for two entirely different dance styles. These mashups often add a bit more fun in the dance choreography and you get to play around a little more.  Getting the best of two worlds, pretty sweet, isn’t it? However, it does take a fair bit of time to plan mashup dance routines, so we would advise you to let us know the way in advance of your wedding, preferably 8-10 weeks.